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I’d like to offer you a brief review of a food website, Living The Gourmet. Subtitled “Traditional and Exotic cuisines made simple with Catherine and the crew.” Catherine’s biography includes. “I Grew up in a loving Italian family that loved music and good food. They left me with many happy memories.”
I grew up in an Italian neighborhood, and when the weather is nice and people have their windows open, the street smelled like a restaurant. That aroma comes back to me when I read Catherine’s blog. One warning, this blog has a lot of content, to navigate easily, go down the right side to the Blog Archive, there I easily found the Mushroom Soup she published in October, 2009. Planning to make that next weekend.

Living the Gourmet Signature Spice Rub

Above is the Living The Gourmet Signature Spice Rub. Can’t wait to try this on my next batch of ribs. Visit when you have a moment and tell Catherine where you read about her cooking.

Taco Bell is Real Meat

And they have a lawsuit to prove it. It seems some fast food chasing lawyer decided to sue Taco Bell. He claimed that the meat filling in their tacos was just 35% beef. Taco Bell is counter suing for defamation, as well they should be. (You can click on the image below to get a better view.)

Cutting Down on Fat

See this cake mix? It calls for 1/2 cup of oil. You know how many calories that is? 964! Of course, the box says this makes ten servings (at 320 calories each), but that doesn’t include the icing, so the cake alone will have 3200 calories, nearly 1000 coming from the oil. Add icing and you’re over 5000.

This is the solution. A junst-under-4oz container of apple sauce. 50 calories, no fat. One simple move, and you just dropped 900+ calories from this recipe. If Betty Crocker (well, General Mills, I suppose) is reading this, here’s your chance to save the world, 900 calories at a time.

Disclaimer – I received no compensation from Mott’s or Betty Crocker. But I like their products, and if they wish to contact me, I’m happy to accept a free T-Shirt.

Cooking Light’s 5-Ingredient Cookbook

I subscribe to Cooking Light’s email updates, and was alerted to a great post on their site.

5-Ingredient Cookbook offers 98 different recipes in the usual categories, main, soup, salad, vegetarian, etc. each containing only 5 ingredients. Nice find.


Welcome to Recipe Buzz, where you’ll find the best recipe sites’ last 5 post titles. I look forward to growing this site over the next few months, please pass the word on to any fellow food bloggers, both those who wish to find new sites as well as those who blog.

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