Mel’s Delectable Delicacy

Mel’s Delectable Delicacy, at the whimsical address of, bills itself as a food blog where cooking is the name of the game. The most recent articles are more focused on weight loss, TV shows, and healthy eating tips, but the convenient list of content tags on the left,  often sorely lacking in many very popular blogs allows the viewer to browse article topics at a glance.

And, indeed, beyond the very first page, there does appear to be quite an emphasis on the actual act and art of cooking, with recipes and instructions. A nice food blog, worth a visit.

Wicked Noodle Review

Following is a guest post, a review of The Wicked Noodle.

I’ve just found a great addition to my bookmarks. The Wicked Noodle is a blog not to be missed if you’re a passionate foodie like I am. First, those pictures – I had to exercise extreme self-control not to lick my computer screen! I hadn’t had lunch yet and would have paid high prices for the Chicken Wellington, the scallops, and the penne dish. But I would have sold my very soul for those luscious-looking desserts. I think this blog could actually start me cooking some of these dishes, and I’m not one who usually loves to fuss in the kitchen. Check it out.

Blog Review – Living The Gourmet

I’d like to offer you a brief review of a food website, Living The Gourmet. Subtitled “Traditional and Exotic cuisines made simple with Catherine and the crew.” Catherine’s biography includes. “I Grew up in a loving Italian family that loved music and good food. They left me with many happy memories.”
I grew up in an Italian neighborhood, and when the weather is nice and people have their windows open, the street smelled like a restaurant. That aroma comes back to me when I read Catherine’s blog. One warning, this blog has a lot of content, to navigate easily, go down the right side to the Blog Archive, there I easily found the Mushroom Soup she published in October, 2009. Planning to make that next weekend.

Living the Gourmet Signature Spice Rub

Above is the Living The Gourmet Signature Spice Rub. Can’t wait to try this on my next batch of ribs. Visit when you have a moment and tell Catherine where you read about her cooking.

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