Cutting Down on Fat

See this cake mix? It calls for 1/2 cup of oil. You know how many calories that is? 964! Of course, the box says this makes ten servings (at 320 calories each), but that doesn’t include the icing, so the cake alone will have 3200 calories, nearly 1000 coming from the oil. Add icing and you’re over 5000.

This is the solution. A junst-under-4oz container of apple sauce. 50 calories, no fat. One simple move, and you just dropped 900+ calories from this recipe. If Betty Crocker (well, General Mills, I suppose) is reading this, here’s your chance to save the world, 900 calories at a time.

Disclaimer – I received no compensation from Mott’s or Betty Crocker. But I like their products, and if they wish to contact me, I’m happy to accept a free T-Shirt.